Manufacturing & Innovation

  • With independent intellectual property rights, CBD hemp extraction, isolation and purification technology patents have been filed in the United States. ForeNutri CBD workshop has passed the GMP certification in China and the cGMP certification in the United States in 2018.

  • Our factory is equipped with 7 production lines including intelligent CBD workshop, NSF-GMP extraction workshop, ultra-low temperature drying workshop, packaging workshop, etc.

  • The process technology is one or more of the continuous ultrasonic countercurrent extraction technology, membrane separation technology and simulated continuous moving bed technology. The purification method uses molecular distillation technology as a concentration method to obtain high purity products from plants, and its production technology level is in the leading position in the national extraction industry.

  • ForeNutri has obtained FDA certification, Halal HALAL certification, ECOCERT EU organic certification and domestic ISO 9001 certification, HACCP certification and American Herbal Medicine Association AHPA certification. The company is currently one of the most qualified enterprises in the industry, with internationally recognized production qualifications and product quality.