Wild Resources of Boreal Forests

Wild Plant Bases

All starts from the Source

ForeNutri believes "wild surpass organic". While leading the industry development of the wild small berry anthocyanin, we are also actively exploring other nutritional ingredients.We expanded to medicinal mushrooms and high-nutritional fruits and vegetables from Da Hinggan Ling forest and Northeastern China above 52 degree latitude. ForeNutri set up factories back to the naturally growing place of these raw plants, trying to maximize the nutritional value of traditional medicinal plants. Holding to the insist of "starting from the source", we formed our wild pickup bases and cultivation bases for wild resources.

As a leader rather than a follower who plays the great role in the bio-pharmaceutical and nutraceutical upstreams, ForeNutrr always strives for the unchartted natural resources as to discover the next-wanted natural ingredient and bring more nutrition to the table.