Wild Resources of Boreal Forests

Primeval Forest-Da Hinggan Ling

Raw Material Base

The Greater Khingan Mountains are located at the highest latitude in China,Hinggan is Manchu language,it means a very cold place.Undulating mountains and the rippling forest sea, rich in species and varied in polymorphism,it is a famous forest belt in China, known as "the emerald on the golden rooster's crown".The natural environment here is primitive and mysterious, excellent ecology, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a rare pure land in the mountains of northern China.

Excellent land resources, unique climate conditions, natural environment and excellent ecology, so that this vast land has nurtured many unique and precious plant and animal species, become a treasure house of nature.It is also the main producer of gold berries in the north latitude of the world, rich in wild blueberries, wild Vacciniumvitis-idaea(or called lingonberry), wild haskap berry(also called Lonicera caerulea,Honeyberry,Edible Honeysuckle), wild elderberries, wild rose hip(also called Rosa davurica Pall,Rosa maximowicziana Regel,Dahurian Rose Frui,fructus rosae) and other precious natural wild berries. The small berry raw material base of Fornutri is located in the hinterland of the Greater Khingan Mountains forest area, all of which are dominated by the characteristic wild natural berries of the Greater Khingan Mountains.

No.1 Wild Blueberry Base

Wild blueberry scientific name bilberry(Vaccinium vitisidaea,cowberry),It is a kind of perennial deciduous small shrub wild berry of rhododendron family belong to Vaccinium spp(Lowbush blueberry,Vaccinium angustifolium,angustifolium),which can only grow in the natural environment in the cold zone, and is rare in the world.China's wild blueberries grow in the cold forests of the Greater Khingan Mountains north of 52 degrees north latitude, grow with other wild plants into pieces , known as "purple gold" and "golden berries"! Their roots grow in the perennial permafrost below 70 cm of soil, and can withstand the cold of minus 50 °C, which is a very rare and valuable cold resistant wild berry germplasm resources.

Compared with artificial cultivated blueberries in the market, the thin pulp of wild blueberries is more small and the content of anthocyanidins and anthocyanins are very high.Fornutri blueberry raw material are sourced from China's wild blueberry home-Vaccinium angustifolium Ai

Da Hinggan Ling.png

No.2 Wild Lingonberry Base

Wild lingonberry(also calledwild Vacciniumvitis-idaea) in the Greater Hinggan Mountains is scientifically named Vacciniumvitis-idaea,it is a deciduous shrub in the rhododendron family,also known as the "Northern Red bean",it grows in the primitive forests of the Great Khingan Mountains in the cold climate and cold tolerance.It is a specialty wild berry that grows with wild blueberries.

Compared with the artificial cultivation of lingonberry, the berry of wild lingonberry in the Greater Khingan Mountains is relatively small,berry grain integrity, and the whole body is red and crystal clear after ripening every summer and autumn, which is called the "ruby" in the Greater Khingan Mountains by the locals.

Wild red lingonberry contains a lot of vitamins, a variety of amino acids and alkaloids and rich anthocyanidins. The raw material of wild lingonberry of Fornutri is from Great Khingan Mountains, which is pure natural, pollution-free and pesticde-free, and is a characteristic wild berry given by nature.

Da Hinggan Ling Wild Dahurian Rosa Base.png

No.3 Wild Haskap Berry Base

Wild haskap scientific name Lonicera caerulea, is a kind of honeysuckle family honeysuckle perennial deciduous shrub, with strong cold resistance, native to China's Great and small Hingan Mountains and other forest areas, is one of the most advantageous and characteristic small berry species in Heilongjiang province.It is rich in anthocyanidins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, vitamins, amino acids, polyphenols and other nutrients and healthcare components, and is listed as "health food" by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Wild haskap has higher requirements for the growth environment, can only grow in the frigid region, the world's production area is a handful, is a rare natural green wild edible berries in the world, but also in recent years at home and abroad to develop a relatively rapid application of a new berry resources.The raw materials of haskap of ForeNutri are extracted from the natural wild haskap berry of the Great Hinggan Mountains in the golden berry zone of the north latitude of the world, which grows naturally and wild without artificial planting intervention. It is a real gift of nature and has high nutritional value, medicinal value and commercial value.

Da Hinggan Ling Wild Lonicera edulis Base.png

No.4 Wild Elderberry Base

Elderberry, the berry of elderberry, is a kind of woody plant belonging to the genus rubus in the rose family. It has a long history of edible and medicinal use in China and Europe because of its rich nutrients and health care value. The Greater Khingan Mountains region in northeast China is the largest wild elderberry growing region in China, where the natural ecological environment is superior, the sunshine is sufficient, the temperature difference between day and night, the elderberry has sufficient nutritional accumulation, and the contents of bioflavonoids, anthocyanidins and antioxidants are very high.Wild elderberry picking base of ForeNutri is located in the primitive forest area of the Northeast Greater Khingan Mountains, picking natural wild berries without artificial planting intervention, high active ingredients and outstanding quality.

Da Hinggan Ling  Wild Elderberry Base.png

No.5 Wild Rose Hip Base

The wild rose hip of the Greater Khingan Mountains, the name of the prickly rose, is one of the higher plants in China, and is a special fruit of the wild rose plant in the northeast of the Greater Khingan Mountains.It is bright red in color after maturity, fragrant, sweet and delicious, nutritious, it has a variety of amino acids, trace elements, a large number of vitamins and other rich nutrients necessary for the human body, known as the "king of VC", while it also contains a variety of saponins, flavonoids and other effective biological active ingredients, with high health care and medicinal value.In China, rose hip has been included in the list of Chinese medicine that can be used for health food by the National Health Commission, with antioxidant, enhance immunity, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other functions, and the development value is great. Wild rose hip raw materials from the Greater Hinggan Mountains pure natural wild berries, no artificial planting intervention, natural& green, excellent quality.

Da Hinggan Ling Wild Dahurian Rosa Base.png

No.6 Black Chokeberry Base

Black Chokeberry is a newly emerging berry variety after blueberries. Its fruit contains a large amount of natural antioxidants and has extraordinary health benefits. It is known as the "cancer suppressant" in the natural world and has been a "super food" in Europe and America. In September 2018, the black fruit of Sorbus mandshurica was included as a new resource food ingredient in China. Black Chokeberry belongs to an exotic variety. In the 1990s, it was first introduced to the Northeast region of China and gradually accumulated and formed industrial advantages. Currently, the cultivation of Black Chokeberry in China is mainly concentrated in the Northeast region.The Black Chokeberry planting base of ForeNutri is located in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, belonging to the border area of Changbai Mountain. It has high forest coverage, is far away from industrial pollution, has pleasant natural scenery, superior geographical environment, and has a unique natural water source. It is a natural planting area that integrates favorable weather, geography, and people. In addition, there is high-quality planting soil, a natural and pollution-free growth environment, and advanced planting techniques here. We have jointly built the Black Chokeberry planting base through agricultural cooperatives in the local area, and are developing towards industrialization and scale at a steady pace.

Changbai Mountain Dandong Aronia Planting Base.png

No.7 Hemp Planting Base

Hemp seed, a commonly used Chinese medicine, was first published in Shennong's Herbal Classics and listed as top quality.In the Compendium of Materia Medica, there are more than 100 records on the medicinal and health benefits of hemp seed.In the Notice of the Ministry of Health on Further regulating the management of raw materials for Health Food, the Ministry of Health listed hemp seed in the list of items that are "both food and medicine".

Hemp seed has a comprehensive and diverse set of nutrients, including macronutrients: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates (sugars); Micronutrients: minerals (including major and trace elements), vitamins (including fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins); There is also dietary fiber and water, and the most valuable are the fat and protein of hemp seeds.

Northeast China has a tradition of planting and eating hemp seeds since ancient times, and ForeNutri has established a large-scale hemp planting base in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province through the form of "base + cooperative".Heilongjiang is located in 45° north latitude, the perennial climate is cool, the temperature difference between day and night, the soil is fertile, the pH is moderate, the permeability is good, the soil conditions and climate conditions are very suitable for the growth of hemp.At the same time, through the technological innovation of seed industry, the effective active ingredients of hemp seed in our base are higher and the quality is better.

Da Hinggan Ling Hemp Planting Base.png